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Our analyses are designed to support your decision-making process by highlighting the respective country or region's business risks as well as economic and political backgrounds. Our thorough research encompasses questions of proliferation, sanction regulations and security-relevant networks. We evaluate all results in line with scientific best-practice, including the monitoring of all relevant social networks, blogs and trading platforms. If necessary, we carry out on-site investigations efficiently and discreetly.

Complex international sanctioning provisions and opaque network structures pose a major challenge. Designated individuals, states and front companies that are engaged in proliferation and the violation of international sanctions are experienced in concealing their activities. Industry and government institutions are under great pressure to succeed and often only have inadequate resources available when facing flexible international actors.

Moreover, particular networks may pursue extremist or criminal objectives in the realm of security policy. They may also strive for political influence, often acting clandestine and inconspicuously. In this challenging situation, we assist you with systematic research and structured evaluations based on current specialised literature, practical studies and an international network of experts.

Foreign intelligence services and competitors' espionage pose additional challenges. Our analyses expose weak points and gateways that help you to identify and assess risks in order to protect your assets.


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A cooperation of independent scientists and experts

A cooperation of independent scientists and experts

A cooperation of independent
scientists and experts