Research Analysis Communication



This is a concise and needs-oriented overview of a specific country's current developments. For example, this may include political risk factors or the military and intelligence sector.

All Sources Intelligence (ASINT)

Concise presentation of new developments and insights in the field of security policy. This can include personal details, operations, but also screenshots of websites, scans of rare documents or smaller organization charts of relevant organizations.

Proliferation Intelligence (PROLINT)

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis in the area of sanctions, proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We examine individual cases (customers, trade, sanctioned countries, ports, shipping, etc.) as well as general, regional developments. Our PROLINT client reports are based on current sanction regulations, corresponding information from industry and governments as well as our many years of experience in the analysis of selected states and their disguised structures and front companies. Also included are activities in the Dark Web.

Company dossier

In addition to a general company profile, the company dossier provides a review of foreign company registers and background research to identify risk factors such as suspected infringements of sanctions, proximity to government institutions and susceptibility to and/or actual political control. Furthermore, this includes an investigation of possible links to criminal organizations.

Social networks

This product identifies all visible connections within an individual's social and business network, thus creating a personal profile that views the individual in a context. All necessary information is obtained on the basis of this profile and an extensive background check.

Country risk analysis

The country risk analysis provides a comprehensive investigation of economic and political risk factors in specific countries and regions. For example, this may comprise military-related industries or the risk of terrorist threats.

Seminars and trainings

Seminars and trainings are geared towards customers from both the private and the public sector. They include in-house trainings for counterintelligence and protection of the economy as well as seminars aimed at specialised personnel of security authorities.

A cooperation of independent scientists and experts

A cooperation of independent scientists and experts

A cooperation of independent
scientists and experts