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Warning Intelligence

RANCOM has been observing individual regional and international developments over a long period of time and based on this, is able to prepare an analysis that is relevant for customers with various needs. For both, industry and governments, threats do not appear suddenly, but rather are the result of long-term trends and development. In order to understand these trends and developments, a profound and comprehensive analysis of the respective issues is needed. Political risks, military potential and security related institutions take different paths of development in Asia compared to Europe. Political agendas in Beijing or Islamabad pursue other objectives compared to those in Mexico or Lagos. To be able to act today, you must have recognised and understood yesterday's indicators. RANCOM collects long-term data and information in designated regions of the world on selected topics. This enables us to provide strategic advantage to risky investments or political activities.

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Team B

Are you employing an expensive compliance department and are still finding yourself in a UN report on sanctions violations? You have bank branches in all industrialized nations of the world and read in the newspaper that a South American drug cartel has laundered its money with you? Your carpool is set on fire by extremists although you consulted the police and intelligence services? The parliament is attacked by militants and public opinion is turning against you criticizing your lack of preparedness? For cases like these, RANCOM offers you a Team B: External analysts who operate in different milieus and who are not afraid of obtaining information under difficult circumstances and in shady corners of society. Our analysts are aware of emerging threats and can warn you of what may lay ahead. Team B furthermore includes: experts who understand and know illegal networks and who are familiar with the goods in demand. While you are still wondering why your aluminum pipes turned up in North Korea, we already know whom your original buyer preferably delivers to. RANCOM can provide you with concise analysis and accurate recommendations for action while you wait for your department head to come forward from the investigative committee. RANCOM's Team B does not promise miracles - but in the areas of our expertise, we will provide you with transparency.

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Everybody is familiar with the concept of information overload. Even if the specific information you are looking for can be found, it is important to understand content and context. Do you know in which dark web forums decisive questions about attack targets, the modus operandi or company headquarters are asked? Do you know which Twitter channels are relevant for you or where you can contact Iranian dissidents or insiders from North Korea? RANCOM selects precisely the sources of information you urgently need. If you need to know where a Russian supplier of military products is based, we know where to find it. If unwanted rumours are spread about your product, RANCOM can help you to launch your point of view in the appropriate forums.

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Tailored Reports and Analyses

Aside from necessary research and scientific analyses, RANCOM also produces specially prepared reports based on specific questions posed by the customer. In addition to classic academic texts that comply with international standards, we produce individual formats, each of which is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Concise one-pager or comprehensive country analyses - contact us and we will find a solution!

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Our newsletter PROLINT (Proliferation Intelligence) specifically monitors sanctions evasion and illegal trade and proliferation in technology and components for weapons of mass destruction. Depending on the assignment, RANCOM analyses individual ports, shipping companies and logistics firms, as well as intermediaries or research institutes with an affinity for sensitive state actors. Regardless of whether large data sets or dubious individuals are involved: RANCOM ensures transparency.



MONEX stands for "Monitoring Extremists": Numerous customers can be targeted by extremists, pseudo-religious sects, militant campaigns, and terrorist conspiracies. To identify these perils, RANCOM closely monitors developments within these respective scenes. Legitimate public campaigns are often exploited or even provoked by clandestine militants. RANCOM helps both, companies and individuals, by monitoring specifically selected discussion forums. In this way we can inform you promptly and also prepare you with regard to the medium term. Government clients are subject to personnel policy and financial constraints and therefore overlook individual specific risks. RANCOM's experts will quickly obtain information and convert it into actionable intelligence immediately and without bureaucratic delay. With MONEX we offer business customers, NGOs with risky subject areas and authorities alike a product that is both scientific and investigative in nature.

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