Protect your commercial interests

Joint venture, takeover, or supply chain: new projects are often associated with risks.
When commercial objectives are the focus, political or criminal threats are often not sufficiently considered. We take a closer look for you:

  • Is your product possibly being targeted by foreign secret services?
  • Is your competitor backed by a state enterprise?
  • Did your new employee previously work in a foreign research institution with links to the military or intelligence services?
  • Is your investment is targeted by local activists or extremists?

RANCOM will equip you with the necessary background information to understand and navigate such grey areas. We will provide you with systematic, scientific research and clearly structured analyses. This includes effective monitoring of relevant sources, such as social networks or discussion forums on the dark web.
Your value added: Prompt and profound assessment of risks and threat potentials.

Our Products

Sound analyses, clearly structured reports

We are experienced analysts of sanction risks, illegal networks, and activities in political grey areas. Building on years of regional expertise, we are familiar with academic approaches, governmental decision-making processes, and investigative research with regard to the media and NGOs. RANCOM processes vast numbers of data records and documents to identify connections between individuals, companies, addresses, telephone numbers, shipping companies, research institutes and military facilities. Our detailed reports will provide you with a sound basis for decision-making.

RANCOM will make both, your competitors, and your partners more transparent. This will enable you to successfully realise your business interests and decision-making processes in an increasingly complex international environment.

Academic research and investigation

RANCOM has access to an extensive digital data stock, specialised literature and documents, as well as a plethora of grey literature. Our academic library goes beyond customary academic holdings and offers many advantages to you. Many consulting firms lack a comparable data stock, often resulting in their staff working without the necessary expertise on data analysis. RANCOM by contrast, will produce informative and reliable results with the required thoroughness based on the principle "quality rather than quantity".

We support scientific and journalistic projects in a reliable manner:

  • State, military, or commercial intelligence
  • Global proliferation risks and regional hotspots such as Pakistan, China, North Korea or Iran
  • New military technologies and armament developments in Asia
  • Political influence operations by foreign states or extremist campaigns

Contact us, RANCOM will help you find a solution to your problems.



Consult us on safeguarding your projects and activities abroad with regard to risk analyses, audits and regional expertise.

Warning Intelligence

Threats do not just fall from the sky, but rather are the result of long-time developments. To detect and fully understand them, a deep and comprehensive study of the respective issues is essential.


Team B

If your company's previous compliance or security measures fail, RANCOM offers you a Team B: External analysts who comprehend illegal networks, who are not afraid to contact and warn you in time.



Do you know in which corner of the Dark Web crucial questions about possible attack targets, your modus operandi or even your company headquarters are asked? RANCOM will sift through the data deluge and filter exactly these sources of information that you are urgently looking for.


Tailored Reports and Analyses

In addition to the necessary in-depth research and scientific analysis, RANCOM produces customised reports based on the client's individual needs, including compressed one-pager or comprehensive country analysis reports.



A RANCOM newsletter with a focus on Proliferation Intelligence: This format explicitly deals with sanctions evasion as well as the illicit trade in components and technology for weapons of mass destruction.



MONEX stands for "Monitoring Extremists": companies or individuals can be targeted by extremists, pseudo-religious sects, militant campaigns and terrorist conspiracies - scenarios that RANCOM is monitoring meticulously.



RANCOM offers seminars and training courses dealing, for example, with proliferation, counterintelligence or methods of information gathering and analysis. Another possible topic compise security structures of selected countries or aspects of individual extremist organisations. The number of participants is limited in each case in order to guarantee an optimal and confidential seminar environment. RANCOM has access to its own premises with the necessary infrastructure. Our experts also conduct in-house training courses.

Selected seminars will be announced by us here. Please contact us for concrete enquiries and specific topics.